New PolyJumps Day

Firs and Feathers were very excited to get a delivery of new jumps from our wonderful sponsors, PolyJumps. It took us no time at all to start unwrapping and building them. We are looking forwards to start training over them in the next few days. 

Everyone here feels privileged to be working with the incredible team at PolyJumps. They have provided us with a vibrant range of jumps. Not only are they durable, they are lightweight and easy to move. PolyJumps® are manufactured from UV-stabilised Polyethylene, designed to withstand the ongoing demands of training and competition, whatever the weather.

We use the traditional Cross Wings in our arena because of their classic look. As well as a cross-over design used to give extra strength, these jump wings have the added bonus of being lightweight.

We have a variety or different fillers, including: several Free-Standing Ladder Fillers, a wide range of hanging fillers (small, medium and large) - all with detailed graphics

We also have a Rectangular Water Tray which measures 2.8M x 1.0M. These soft water trays add an additional dimension to any jump, being constructed from a lightweight and durable PVC, they are easily packed away for storage.

The poles we use for our Course Hire are the Weighted Poles. Having an added 5.5kg wooden beam at its heart, whilst still having the durability of the plastic poles casing, these poles are ideal for training horses.

We also have Practice, Pro & Skinny poles on-site. Practice poles are 80MM and Pro poles are 100MM in diameter with a length of 3.0M. The Skinny poles have a diameter of 80mm, with a length of just 1.5M.

You can customise your poles on the PolyJumps website, choosing from a range of 14 Colours to create any colour combination with either 5, 7 or 9 Bands using their Custom Pole Builder, meaning your poles are truly unique.

As well as these, we also have a Carol Mailer grid set which consists of 7 Pairs of 8- Cup wings and 14 Pro Poles. This jump set is perfect for grids. The 8- Cup wings go up to 1.55m, so there is something for everyone to jump.

If you are interested in any of the PolyJumps we have mentioned, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to pop in for a coffee and view them in person, we would be more than happy to show you the range.

Alternatively, head over to the Polyjumps website and view their full range. 

Rocky G
Dapper Dandy B