Successful Day for the Team

It was a day of excitement and triumph at the British Novice 2nd Rounds for Que Balou GF, Ultimate II, and Chilli Versace GF. These talented horses showcased their skills and left a lasting impression on all who witnessed their performances.Both Chilli Versace GF and Que Balou GF, rising 5-year-olds with promising futures, delivered stellar rounds,...

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Winning day for FFEQ

 It was a remarkable day at the office for FFEQ as Cosmic GF, Chilli Versace GF, and Dapper Dandy B showcased their prowess in the competition arena. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the team geared up for the challenges ahead. First to take the stage was Dapper Dandy B, who delivered a flawless performance, securing a double clea...

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Cross Country Debut for Cosmic

Step into the world of equestrian excitement with Mickey and Atlas as they embark on a thrilling cross country schooling adventure. Join us as we share the exhilarating experience of witnessing these two remarkable horses conquer every obstacle with ease and enthusiasm. For Mickey, it was a day of firsts as he ventured out for his inaugural cross c...

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More Great Results for K2

It was another fantastic day for K2, with a 4th place and Double Clear in the Foxhunter and an incredible  2nd place in a technical 130/140 handicap.   So much to come from this super talented young horse. The whole team are excited to see what the not too distant future has in store for him!

AES Licensed Stallion, Passchendale

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that our 3-year-old stallion, Passchendale, has achieved the Licensed grade in his inaugural Anglo European Studbook grading with some high marks and fantastic comments from the judges. This magnificent young horse, owned by Firs and Feathers Equestrian, promises an exciting future in the world of sh...

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AES Licensed Stallion, Que Balou GF

We are thrilled to announce another remarkable achievement at Firs and Feathers Equestrian: Que Balou GF, our exceptional 5-year-old Stallion, has been awarded the prestigious 'Licensed' grade by the Anglo European Studbook. This recognition is a testament to Que Balou GF's outstanding qualities and promising future in the world of show jumping. A ...

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Fantastic results for K2

At Tedworth, K2 impressed with a double clear in the Foxhunter, leaving just one more clear to go for 2024. In his debut 130 class, K2 showcased immense promise, hinting at an exciting future ahead. Equestrian enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter in K2's journey. 

K2 Shines with 2 Double Clears

K2 has soared to victory today, securing two super double clears in the Newcomers and Foxhunter classes. His flawless performances exemplify excellence in the sport, inspiring competitors and spectators alike. Congratulations to K2 for his outstanding achievements in the arena today! 

Another Day, another Triumph for FFEQ

 πŸŒŸAnother Day, Another Triumph for FFEQ! 🌟 It was a day filled with excitement and pride as our talented equine athletes, Ultimate and Atlas, showcased their skills at the latest event. Despite the absence of the full squad, the dynamic duo did not disappoint. Ultimate kicked off the day in the 105, displaying remarkable agility and speed. Tho...

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Kate Lewis, Dressage Coach

Are you currently on the lookout for a highly skilled and dedicated dressage coach in the Lincolnshire area? Your search ends here! Introducing the exceptional Kate Lewis, a renowned expert in the art of dressage, ready to elevate your riding experience to new heights.Firs & Feathers Equestrian is considering organizing clinics with Kate, and w...

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Cosmic GF Shines Bright

🌟 Cosmic GF Shines Bright with Double Success! 🌟 What a day it was for Cosmic GF, as he dazzled with not one, but two outstanding tests! Despite a touch of tension in his first appearance, Cosmic GF quickly settled into his rhythm and delivered a breathtaking performance in his second test, securing a fantastic score and a coveted 2nd place rosette...

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Winning Day at Sheepgate Equestrian

Triumphant Day at Sheepgate Equestrian with FFEQ!Sheepgate Equestrian witnessed a day of triumph as FFEQ proudly took centre stage. The spotlight was on Que Balou GF, our exceptional rising 5-year-old stallion, whose pedigree boasts the impressive combination of Quabri De L'Isle and Balou Du Rouet.The arena came alive with Que Balou GF's stellar pe...

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Arena UK Feb Show (Day 2)

In an exhilarating turn of events, the second day at Arena UK Feb Show proved to be nothing short of epic for team Firs & Feathers. The crowning achievement of the day was a well-deserved victory aboard Chilli Versauce in the fiercely contested British Novice category. The triumphant combination of skill and synergy between our rider, Dais...

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Arena UK Feb Show (Day 1)

Absolutely thrilling moments unfolded at Arena UK's February show, making it a day to remember! Arena UK came alive with the sheer brilliance of our four magnificent horses, each showcasing their A-game and leaving an indelible mark on the competition. The exhilarating performance culminated in a series of fantastic results that exceeded our e...

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More Qualifications gained for 2024

In the face of challenging winds, the team at Firs and Feathers took the small journey to Elms Farm. The dynamic duo of Chilli and Mickey emerged as stars, showcasing remarkable talent with only a few faults between them. Chilli, in particular, executed a flawless round, though a handful of time faults couldn't diminish the...

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A Great Day in the Office

We're thrilled to share the exhilarating successes of FFEQ's recent competition day, where our talented team showcased remarkable performances. British Novice Brilliance: In the British Novice, Chilli and Mickey stole the show with two fantastic rounds, taking 4th and 6th place, setting the tone for an extraordinary day. Discovery Delight: Que Balo...

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Blue Chip Qualification gained

Firs and Feathers had a great day at Willow Banks, leaving an indelible mark on the competition.  The day kicked off with Cosmic GF's flawless Clear round, setting the stage for an exceptional year ahead. Que Balou GF, showcasing two stellar rounds in the Novice and discovery categories, secured two impressive 6th-placed rosettes. He's hi...

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Triumph at Willow Banks

Braving the cold at Willow Banks, Chilli Versace GF and Que Balou GF showcased unparalleled brilliance on a fantastic day. The British Novice competition witnessed a stellar start, with both horses securing two more double clears and top 3 positions. Unfortunately, a pole disrupted Chilli Versace GF's faultless run in the Discovery. Undeterred...

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Fantastic Start to the Year

Team Firs and Feathers kicked off the 2024 equestrian season with a bang at Arena UK, showcasing the remarkable talent of their 5-year-old stars, Chilli Versace GF and Que Balou GF. Despite the chilly weather, both horses demonstrated their prowess, leaving a lasting impression on the spectators.In the first class of the day, Que Balou GF set the t...

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Forces Equine Championships

The Forces Equine Games proved to be an incredibly successful weekend for Team Firs and Feathers, filled with remarkable achievements.The excitement commenced with the participation of the promising four-year-olds, Cosmic GF and Chilli Versace GF. Cosmic GF claimed an impressive victory in his debut event, while Chilli Versace secured a commendable...

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